Think about using that hotel ice bucket next time…

August 18, 2012 by brandon mauth Random 0 Comments

I guess i never even thought about it until I saw this normal family guy wash all the bugs and road grime off of his entire motorcycle using the ice bucket as his cesspool wash bucket… Then I though of all the hotel parties and other shenanigans that goes on in hotels and motels… People […]

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Water can cost waay more than gas…

July 18, 2012 by brandon mauth Random 0 Comments

This was a 24 pack of bottled water for the low low price of $39.99! This was also in Glacier NP… I know that’s only $1.66 a bottle but you should at least get a discount on buying a case… I’ve never seen water that expensive ;]

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Go faster!

4th of July brings out the best in some people… I wish I could have seen this up close… Not sure what they did to make that car a boat or maybe what they did to that boat to make it look like a car ;]

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Two pigeons cuddling in the rain

March 5, 2010 by brandon mauth Random 0 Comments

I thought this was funny… Just waling downtown San Diego and I almost walked right past these two fat pigeons cuddling in a dry spot they found in the rain.

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