Ice Storms

[box type=”shadow”] What I would do first before the freezing rain causes a large power outage: Get my bug-out-bag & my home emergency kit. Grab my bag & get to my car & charge my phone. Call people & get a plan going… Tell others your plans… Group text messaging might be faster if you […]

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Hatchets & Axes

Hatchet was an awesome movie back in the day, but seriously… Having a hatchet or axe could save your life if a lot of ways… Chopping wood, kindling, making spears, walking sticks… Making shelters, cutting poles or palms… Weapon (swinging/throwing) Defensive tool I really like the old school “wood handled” hatchets and axes… Gränsfors Bruks has the best craftsmanship I’ve […]

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Bug-out Bag

Bugin-out is basically leaving your area if it gets dangerous or for any reason… My Bug-out Bag is intended for leaving the densely populated urban city… I try and pack enough food to last a few days sparingly and enough water to last about 3 days [72hrs]. I don’t need a lot because I have […]

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Cream Cheese Wontons

For these I mix cream cheese, imitation crab, and chives. These are kinda spendy at a restaurant but if you make them at home they are very inexpensive. Try making a lot and freezing them on a cookie sheet before you freezer bag them so they stay in the right shape.

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Mini caramel apples for Halloween

October 28, 2010 by brandon mauth Recipes 0 Comments

This is a great way to do caramel apples… No one I’ve seen ever finished them… So bite size is great! How I Did It: I melon balled the apples so every part had a nice green top. They are not dry having the flesh exposed so try and dry off with a paper towel […]

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Riverfront Park, Spokane, WA

August 14, 2010 by brandon mauth Scenics 0 Comments

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Go faster!

4th of July brings out the best in some people… I wish I could have seen this up close… Not sure what they did to make that car a boat or maybe what they did to that boat to make it look like a car ;]

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Two pigeons cuddling in the rain

March 5, 2010 by brandon mauth Random 0 Comments

I thought this was funny… Just waling downtown San Diego and I almost walked right past these two fat pigeons cuddling in a dry spot they found in the rain.

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