I provide drone photography services in Spokane and surrounding areas. Contact me whether you have a relatively small job or an extremely complex job with a lot of coordination and planning. I will do what it takes to get the shots captured legally, safely, and completed on time.

Additionally, I’m safely certified under FAA’s PART 107 license to commercially operate my drone.

When I provide deliverables for my clients I make sure they’re organized and ready for you to use in any fashion. Whether you use dropbox, google drive, or any other services, I’ll use what you use. Video will be delivered by URL link to review for one round of edits. You can comment right on the side of the video and it tracks the time-code of what you are seeing to speed up the editing process.

With a good operator, drones, and aerial photography can offer your company safe and efficient ways to save money. Drones and other UAS can do repetitive jobs the same way each time insuring speed and safe operations.

Progressional Time-lapse
Promotional Videos
Golf Course Mapping
Property Damage & Inspections
Remote Asset Verification
Bridge & Tower Inspections

There’s a lot that “still photography” can capture. On the other hand, some properties require that different point of view. “Drone photography” might be that view.

Panoramas & Time-lapse
Interior/Exterior Photography
Video Walk-through
Branded Property Videos
Property Lines

If you need a Drone Photographer in Spokane, Shoot me a text!

I’m an FAA Part 107 certified and insured drone photographer in Spokane. This means I am well versed in airspace, weather, safety, and risk. Additionally, to avoid common accidents, I have safety protocols in place and practiced daily.

24 hour turnaround
Ready in your dropbox

24 hour turnaround for finished images, ready to upload to your website or social media platform. Images can be delivered any route you would like.

639 N Riverpoint Blvd
40558 Miles Creston Rd N
1208 E Courtland Ave
2509 S Sunnybrook Ln

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