Composting using salvaged pallets

I’ve been wanting to make a compost bin for so long and I finally saw someone with a great “free” idea… Use 3-4 pallets to make a bin… I found some really good free pallets and screwed them together to make a contained compost bin that’s really easy to turn and gets a lot of air through all the slats.

Compost bins can be hundreds of dollars and I’ve seen some not work very well… This works great. Been using it for months now… you can almost fill it up and in a couple weeks to a month its already decomposed by half.

I spray mine with water when it gets hot out so it stays moist and I add saw dust and other dry materials when it gets too soggy… I try and cover it if it’s raining to keep it from washing my good nutrients away ;]

This was all of last years dry leaves and grass.
This is after a summer… All the veggie scraps from us and friends… All the lawn clippings… All the garden waste… It decomposed down to nothing but solid food and nutrients for next years garden :)

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