Manito got hit with wind

Manito Park got hit with wind recently. I always look forward to seeing the park all autumned up. So many deciduous trees lining the old uneven cracked roads. This year was a little different, so much damage from the wind. Its substantial how many large branches broke off. Hope the trees recover ok next year, some are very damaged.

On a more positive note, all the squirrels seem to be ok and out foraging all of Manito Park and making so much noise I love it.

Seems like a nice bike in California. Not on the hills in Spokane/South Hill though. I think it’s funny when people just leave their hard earned belongings out in wide open, unlocked. All the rest of us try to be careful and they somehow end up ok… I don’t live in three world. Lock your shit up people, there’s meth heads everywhere. It has to be about 2 meth heads to every 5 people

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