Real Estate Headshots

Having real estate headshots are very important for an agent’s brand. For most agents, your face is your logo. People need to know your current face, not your old face. You wouldn’t use an old, retired logo on fresh marketing materials right? Industry standards say to update your real estate headshots every six months to a year. Studies show agents using professional headshots are more likely to acquire a potential client over an agent that uses a selfie or non-professional photo. With this said, your photos do not need to be captured by a master, just make sure you put a little effort into them, it will definitely show a professional cohesiveness across all of your networks.

Russ and I had a shoot last year and now he is doing the industry standard and updating them again. Thanks for the repeat business Russ! I look forward to working with you again and again.

Real estate headshots are all on-location and normally take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. As far as style, I tend to shoot natural light primarily, it gives a great organic feel, makes skin look like porcelain, and doesn’t interfere with prescription glasses.

It’s all-out the blurry and bokeh backgrounds. Over the years I have found a handful of great spots near by to take headshots that are in proximity to the valley so you won’t have to drive far or meet out in creep-ville. In the valley, Mirabeau Park is great, there’s various parks, or any other location you have in mind. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about real estate headshots.

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