Ice Storms & Freezing Rain

What I would do first before the freezing rain causes a large power outage:

  1. Get my bug-out-bag & my home emergency kit.
  2. Grab my bag & get to my car & charge my phone.
  3. Call people & get a plan going… Tell others your plans… Group text messaging might be faster if you have it.
  4. Head safely to the nearest gas station & fill up…  Maybe bring or buy gas cans to fill up.
  5. GET  TO AN ATM & GET CASH OUT… No power… No debit/credit!
  6. Purchase any supplies you might not have or need more of… Propane, Batteries, Water, Lighters, 
  7. Head to the grocery store & get some food & other supplies… Propane, Batteries, Water, Food, Briquets, First Aid etc.
  8. Head to your meeting spot… Conserve supplies ;]


  • Food/Water/Coffee/Tea/Spices/Pet Food (if you have a pet of course)
  • Coffee pot/Cook pot/Tongs/etc.
  • Propane and stove [5gal or small bottles]
  • Flashlight/Batteries
  • First aid supplies & medication
  • Work gloves
  • Duct tape
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Candles/Briquettes/Lighters
  • Shovel/Ax/Saw
  • Boots/Socks/Gloves/Hat/Coat
  • Sleeping bag/Blankets/Pillow
  • Cards/Dice/Games
  • Power could be out for days/weeks… Stay productive…
  • If you are low on fuel to heat your home, pick and area and block off all others to keep the heat in.
  • Turn off and unplug all your electronics to be safe… breakers too…
  • Do not burn unsafe fuel or wood in your home to keep warm… Carbon monoxide kills…
  • Power lines could be down and LIVE in the roads… Be careful and dont walk under them… The ice coats them and they get soo heavy they sag down to the ground. You might be safe driving over them but not if they are going wild… We had to drive over a couple as a kid and it was scary… Use caution! ;]
  • Tree branches cause major damage from the weight snapping them from the trees and onto your house, car, you! So be aware.
  • Be careful with candles around the house… Its best to put candles in a dish full of water for safety and to get the wax off easy later on.